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Print Plus

by slicefactory

Print only what matters! Make quick selections on a page and print only relevant sections of a web page. Save ink and paper!

** IMPORTANT : at first-time use the extension will not work because of Chrome restrictions, please reload current page and you're done **

Print Plus is the simplest way to print only what matters.

 * Click the Print Plus browser icon
 * Select relevant content sections. Click on the same block to extend your selection
 * Click the "Print" button in the top bar or "Cancel"

Save ink and paper, and print readable things by getting rid of navigation, ads, or other unwanted page sections.

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PrintPlus extension includes a unique feature provided by its partner The Best Price: always get the lowest price while you shop! Save time and money and never buy at the wrong price again.
Note: this extension may contain or suggest following optional features.
By WahWAx (9 months, 2 weeks ago)

Et bien complètement inutile chez moi! Ne fait pas plus que le raccourcis d'origine de l'imprimante! Chez moi ne fait pas du tout ce que le descriptif explique. Sur OSX Lion 10.7.3 avec Safari 5.1.3 rien ne se passe juste une pauvre barre de notification dans le navigateur qui demande si oui ou non on imprime,après ça lance les réglages d'origines à OSX! Enlevé aussi vite que téléchargé!

By parmod (7 months ago)

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By dennis627900 (4 months ago)

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By amir.mira (3 months ago)

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